Under Graduate B.Sc Medical Lab Technology - Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

After completing this degree candidate would have sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge related to the principles of the laboratory exercises and also to deal with new advances in instrumentation, methodology or standardization, Management of Laboratories, Standard Protocols and use of technology as relates to Laboratory Investigations. They also work in the areas of cytotechnology (study of human tissue), phlebotomy, urinalysis, coagulation, parasitology and serology. Phleotomists draw and test blood where as Blood bank technologists determine correct blood types for transfusions. Histology technicians cut and stain tissue samples.

Most medical laboratory technologists work in hospitals, but jobs are also available in:

private laboratories

community health clinics

public health facilities

university research labs

biotechnology companies

specialty labs, e.g. in vitro fertilization labs

In each of these work settings, management positions are available. Some MLTs go into teaching and train the “next generation” of medical laboratory technologists. Others become very involved in research and contribute to the worldwide advancement of medical and scientific knowledge.

Salaries for MLTs vary, but are comparable to other allied health care professions. There is a huge demand right now for medical laboratory technologists, and it will only increase due to the number of retiring MLTs. Job prospects are excellent.

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