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ITM Vocational University (ITMVUG) is mandated by the Gujarat Government to integrate Vocational education in higher education space.

ITM Vocational University, Vadodara, Gujarat is creating an innovative and inclusive model of Higher Education. A University is a great asset for the nation and is the most effective exponent of truth and freedom. Further it plays a great and productive role in developing economy of the state. The University has following main objects:

To develop in students the commitment to a Professional Career, with integrity in public life

To keep the learning process in vital contact with the life process, so that our graduates become model citizens while achieving professional success

To stimulate and guide the development of moral and ethical sensibilities of students

To develop highly deliverable professional and vocational skills, while giving an academic degree of quality and rigour

While conceptualizing the above elements in the Higher Education space substantial changes have been made in the syllabus and methods of delivery. ITM has designed the courses according to NSQF Guidelines to give full mobility and flexibility to build “study-work for few years-come back for further study” model of career development.

Gujarat is becoming the fast and most Vibrant state with rapid industrialization, infrastructure and economic growth, making it favorite destinations for investors. Vadodara region is the key area of Gujarat Industrial and Educational ecosystem and the growth of Industrial clusters. In order to cater to the requirement of skilled manpower, efforts to create the center of excellence and innovation in professional education of global standard are very critical.

ITM Vocational University is creating platforms for employability bridge courses. Creating lifelong learning opportunities and Vocational career paths is key to meet the priorities of the economy of the region. The belt from Vapi to Surat to Vadodara to Sanand to Dholera and Jamnagar will be known for the highest employment and technology production like the Tokyo - Osaka region in Japan or the Schengen - Guangzhou region in China. As such major push is on the employability skills, affordability and acceptability of the training and skill development programs. Professional Education with Internationally recognized qualifications, and Transfers to our collaborating Institutions in UK, USA, Germany and Australia provide educational and career pathways to our students, while ensuring that high quality is assured.

ITM Vocational University, Vadodara is now ready to make your dreams for education and a professional career come true.

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