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ITM Vocational University conducted the first workshop for 2017 of the Google's Applied CS with Android program from June 21 - June 30, 2017

ITM Vocational University conducted the first workshop for 2017 of the Google's Applied CS with Android program from June 21 - June 30, 2017. Sereth Macwan was appointed as the continuing facilitator for the program for 2017 and he has been delivering the workshop for 2 consecutive years.

Impact of Innovation/New Knowledge on Students and Society

The Innovative interventions have been made ever since the inception of the ITM Vocational University (ITMVU) in the Year 2014 with an objective of developing the students as Change Leaders, Next Generation Problem Solvers and Entrepreneurs to contribute to the Society and Economy. These Interventions started yielding results within a span of two years.

In the first year (2015) itself about 50 creative ideas were generated through Project Based Learning from the students. Ten selected working models at ITMVU were exhibited at the Vibrant VCCI Exhibition and Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2015, which were appreciated by the Visiting Industry Executives and Academic Scholars and received inputs for further improvements.

In the second year (2016) additional 100 creative ideas were generated, of which 20 working models were exhibited at an event at Gujarat Public School. Three of which were selected for further competition. The event is covered by CNBC and our students’ creativity was well appreciated.

In the area of Cross Cultural experience and communication, eight students of ITMVU exhibited their talent at the Regional Student Forum and Indian Student Forum of IUCEE – SPEED event at Rajkot and Pune in the year 2015-16 and three students were identified for further selection for the Global Student Forum and were given training in Navi Mumbai. Out of the three, one Student. Akshay Yadav selected to attend Global Student Forum in Seoul, South Korea on Nov 6-10, 2016. His registration at the event is sponsored by IUCEE – SPEED. At GSF in Seoul, Mr.Akshay Yadav is assigned the role of Vice President-Asia of SPEED Global, which is prestigious positin . On observing our students’ performance this year ITMVU is invited to host RSF-2016, and the same is held in Sept 2016.

With the skills and talent obtained on Project based active learning and Interdisciplinary Projects in community development, our students won several prizes at the state level, National level, Asia level competitions and slotted for next level competitions in the month of Nov 2016. Many of these projects are addressing the environmental and civic roblems.

Success stories and achievements of Students & Contribution to Society

1) Mr. Akshay Yadav, B.Tech third year student of the ITM Vocational University, is selected as student leader of Engineering Education in India and also as a key member of the global student organization: SPEED (Student Platform for Engineering Education Development). He had attended the 12th Global Student Forum of SPEED in Seoul, South Korea from Nov 4th to 6th, 2016 followed by the world Engineering Education Forum from Nov 6th to 10th, 2016. He is now assigned the role of Vice President- Asia of Speed Global, which is a prestigious position.

His final selection is made on clearing yearlong competitions at various levels, starting from Regional Students Forum (RSF) at Rajkot on 11-13 Sept 2015, Indian Student Forum (ISF) 0n 08-10 Jan 2016 at Pune and Global Student forum (GSF) Training Camp in New Mumbai on 04-05, June 2016.

He with Anand Sharma have secured 7th rank out of 7000+ participation in all over India and 1st rank in Gujarat in National level digital internship program was organized by "Careers 360-The Education Hub". Wiksate Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Pune offered one month internship for the activeness in the SPEED.

Out of total eight students of ITMVU, who attended RSF six students were selected for ISF. These six students were part of 170 students across the country from 19 RSFs out of the total 1400 participants. The selected list is included:

Akshay Yadav - Computer engineering

Akshay Yadav - Computer engineering

Devang Mishra - Mechanical engineering

Yash Lakhani - Mechanical engineering

Rudrasinh Parma - Computer engineering

Anand Sharma - Mechatronics engineering

Milind Malakar - Electrical and Electronics engineering

There are a number of activities like brainstorming sessions, debate, group discussion, group activities related to engineering and many more at each level ITMVU students have exhibited their talent and skills based on project based learning outcomes. Two students of ITMVU won runners up prize in Poster competition.

Rudrasinh Parmar

Anand Sharma

The core team of ISF is very much impressed by the activeness of one of our student i.e. Akshay Yadav and offered him one month internship at Wiksate Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Pune.

Three students of ITMVU out of 170 students (of all over India participation) have been selected for next level competition, i.e. Global Student Forum (GSF) for undergoing training in New Mumbai.

Akshay Yadav - Computer engineering

Rudrasinh Parmar - Computer engineering

Milind Malakar - Electrical and Electronics engineering

On undergoing training, Out of 25 participants, Mr. Akshay Yadav has been selected to attend Global Student Forum (GSF-2916) to be held in Seoul, South Korea in November 2016.

IUCEE (Indo Universal Collaboration for Engineering Education) is sponsoring his trip and has provided the support for the registration of Mr.Akshay Yadav. IUCEE is a program at the University of Massachusetts, Lo Well, USA aimed at improving the quality and global relevance of Engineering Education in USA and India through collaboration between Engineering Colleges in both the countries. IUCEE-SPEED is a joint initiative of both the organizations.

Mr. Milind Malakar and others (3rd Year B.Tech)

Mr. Milind has been selected as Campus Ambassador Program of Techkriti 17. Techkriti is an annual international technological and entrepreneurial festival organized by the students of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur. This helps our students to interact with IIT students and also get the chance to develop their technical as well as non-technical skills. Further, he along with Devang Mishra has won Jury’s award for the “Best Prototype” at KPRIET, Coimbatore on July 11, 2016 at Zonal level Hardware HACKATHON competition, which was jointly organized by The Anna University and Titan Company.

Mr.Saikiran Sondarkar and others (3RD Year B.Tech):

Mr.Saikiran is a core team member of the Google Developer Group of Baroda community since August, 2 015. He is also a core team member of Udacity Baroda and teaching android development since June2016. He, along with Rajnish secured 3rd Position in all over Asia and 1st Position in India in a final round of International Project competition held on Sept 26-27, 2016 at KCT, Coimbatore out of 40 teams selected from different countries in Asia. This event was jointly organized by The EEE Humanitarian Activities committee and the Indian Space Organization (ISRO). He has also secured 1st position in I. Biz App, 2nd position in I. App competition held in i Fest organized by DAIICT, Gandhinagar on Oct 21-23, 2016 and 2nd position in a 36 hrs. Continuous, smart city Hackathon and he is selected by the IEEE western ward GEW (Global Entrepreneurship week) for next level to be held in India- UK Tech summit in New Delhi on Nov7-10, 2016. His team got 3rd position among 26 participating teams at the competition held at India-UK summit in New Delhi.

Recently he is appointed as a Vice – President of marketing for the SPEED – India. 9). Sai Kiran and Charmi Patel have won 2nd position in 24-hour mobile application building contest APPATHON 16 which is organized by the IEEE-WIE affinity group of DA-IICT, Gandhinagar on 10-11th September 2016.

Mr.Anand Sharma and others (3rd year B.Tech):

He and his team won first prize in ROBOWAR at XITIJ Tech Fest organized by Mehsana Institute of Technology in 2015. His team also won first prize in ROBOWAR at Indian Society for Technical Education organized by Vadodara Institute of Technology in 2016. He has secured 7th rank out of 7000+ participation in all over India and 1st rank in Gujarat in National level digital internship program was organized by "Careers 360-The Education Hub".

Mr. Sereth Macwan (3rd year B.Tech):

Sereth Macwan is the facilitator of Google’s Applied Computer Science with Android program which is initiated and designed by Google to enhance current education curriculum work by revisiting the concepts of Data Structure, Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence. The program is conducted at the ITMVU which help students to develop Android using data structure and Algorithem knowledge. He is awarded as a Top Facilitator of the Google Apllied CS program. He is also is appointed as Facilitator of SPEED – India for the work towards the community. Recently he receive top Facilitator award from the Google.


The working Models prepared by first year Engineering Students in each year under the guidance of Engineering faculty are being exhibited in the events like Vibrant VCCI Exhibition 2014 , Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2015, ITM Techno vision 2015 and INNOFEST 2016 since inception of the ITM Vocational University. The Visiting Ministers, Company Executives and Academic Scholars at the Exhibitions appreciated the projects of first year students and gave their valuable inputs for further improvements.

The latest Exhibition being, INNOFEST 2016 by Gujarat Public School on Sept 8, 2016 which focused on building the Ecosystem for Hardware Innovations and supported by the National media like CNBC. There were many colleges applied for the shortlisting process. 13 projects of ITMVU and only 6 projects of other Colleges are shortlisted from all registered applications for participation. Out of all, three projects of ITMVU were selected for further rounds of INNOFEST.

Student Group Projects on Social, Civic and Environmental problems:

Group of students encouraged to research the area at an intersection of environment, education and civic problems to deliver key insights on ground data to develop them as Next Generation problem solvers. Some examples of student developed working models are listed below.

Automated temperature switch.

Solar and wind turbine.

Smart IR remote –controller.

Android Apps- ITM Buddy, Imate for Industry and Mate for public. English made easy.

MMS device.

Welcome Robot.

Solar Fountain

Gesture controlled wheelchair

Pneumatic Pressured Rifle.

Hybrid! Wind Turbin

Two teams (Team A: Aware spot (Saikiran Sondarkar, Shravani Sondarkar, Harshrajsinh solanki, Rahul Choksi and Harsh Patel Team B: WiFi-CAMS Ali Akbar, Deepak Kaushik & Raj Patel)

of ITMVU secured position in top 10 selected teams (out of 45 teams all over the India) and now, they will represent their projects in said competition in USA organized at Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), Vellor.


About 40 students are selected in RSF event which is held at ITMVU to represent ISF at Vardhaman College of Engineering, Hyderabad from Jan 4-Jan 6, 2017 out of total 1100 students from all over the India.

Reseach Paper :

Akshay Yadav, Dikshita Khichi and Rudrasinh Parmar have published research paper entitled “An effort towards the development of smart village by means of simple engineering concepts” in international journal International Journal of Research in Engineering, Science and Technology (IJREST)

Saikiran Sondarkar have published research paper entitled “Sensor Based Security System and controlling of any device by use of Android Application”in international journal International Journal of Research in Engineering, Science and Technology (IJREST)

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