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Science Teacher & Co-ordinator

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Niketa Sinorwala

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Ideal School


At 38 years i decided to pursue my career in Education so i got enrolled myself in diploma in Early Childhood Care and education and simultaneously started working as a pre-primary teacher. In 2009 i took up B.Ed and then M.Ed. After that i started working as a Science Teacher in Primary Section and later i joined as Secondary Science Teacher at IDEAL school and also worked as coordinator in higher secondary section. At present i am doing my certificate course in Environment science from IGONU. So i can say there is no age limit for education.

Benefits & Impact:

Confidence Boost.

Knowledge gets updated which helps you to become a better person & in career growth.

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Vasantkumar R. Patel

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Panchashil High School

Inspire Story Title: IMPORTANCE OF TIME

Student’s success in Academics depends highly on managing time efficiently. The habits and morals taught during childhood can not be reversed ,hence it is important in student’s life as they are about to shape their dreams. Time is not taught as an academic subject in schools. Students have to utilize their 24 hours to become better and gain Practical knowledge in the subjects.

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Smt. Rupal B Bhatt

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Shree Raghukul Vidhyalay , new VIP Road,Vadodara

Apathy Not Sympathy ( Story) :

10th Years ago, a Young lady who was widow,deaf & dumb came to me with her 3 years old child. She offered me for some financial help. Her father-in-law & Mother-in-law leave her alone. For her it was very Difficult to survive herself & child. First of all I thought to give her some financial help. But later i thought that in this way I will make her handicap. To make her self reliant, I offered her to work in my institution. She became happy to get this job. Because no one was ready to give job to a deaf & dumb lady. From next day she joined our institution. Till today she is working in our institution. His child is also studying in our school. At present his child is in std 10th. Now she is working with full of confidence.

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Incharge Higher Secondary

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Ms. Suvarna M. Sonavane

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Reliance School Guj. Medium vadodara

Class Room Without Wall ( Story) :

Since i have been associated with wildlife conservation and nature education since last 28 years i have enrolled and trained a number of student for the nature education, observation, bird watching, identification of poisonous and non poisonous snakes, wild life conversion, plants and have ability etc.

This also includes training for group discussion, preparing projects, Respect of wildlife animals , plants, nature camp, marine camp, animal study and other activities like camp fire, public speaking.

Reliance school got 1st price at district level and 2nd price at state level for best echo-club activities. I got best innovative teacher award among different teachers from Vadodara, Bharuch, Anand & V. V. Nagar out of 300+ Teachers by Nalanda knowledge and Educational Institute.


Attitude towards environment conservation cooperation, tolerance power, Group study, observation skill Through knowledge of the topic, curiosity, wild life knowledge and conservation

Smita Shroff Malik

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( Story) :

Hi Am Smita Shroff Malik

By Profession Educationalist and Social Activist By Choice & Will.
Here I Would Like To Share Few Essential Facts


For the past 30 months, I’ve been doing a series on Facebook with the hashtag ‘fieldwork-stories’, drawing on my fleeting interactions with girls mostly from rural Area. Because outside of the tunnel-vision of infrastructure, learning levels and drop-outs that my work requires me to look at, people in all their whimsical, political and inspirational glory jump out at me, wreaking some irrevocable change in my ways of seeing.

As a work-in-progress feminist, I often side with railing against the cult of ‘likability’. Loud mouthed? Bossy? Selfish? Hello best friends, known and unknown.

Yet professionally, which for me sometimes involves going out into government schools to discuss their lives and experiences with students, there are enough times when I’m heartily, viciously cribbing with everybody about ‘annoying girls’ who keep upsetting our plans by giving no answers. Feisty and expressive we are only too glad to celebrate, especially since they serve our ends so perfectly by providing eminently quote-worthy sound bytes.

There was this one particularly exhausting time in a classroom of intractable adolescent girls where I was struggling bravely with my colleague. We proceeded to take a ‘different’ tack and talk playfully about irrelevant things, expecting to segue eventually into ‘serious questions’.

Hoping to ingratiate myself with them – “Isn’t school just the worrrrst?, haha…”, I trailed off lamely, “I used to HATE chemistry! What about you?”


Then decided to take a more direct approach- “Don’t worry about talking to us! You can say whatever you feel like! We’re just like you!”

(This is the role of an educationist - Listen)

They didn’t care. “Discuss amongst yourselves and one of you share what was said?” we pleaded. “Write it down, why don’t you write it down?” as last ditch. When we finally decided to step out for a moment to re-strategise, we heard them suddenly burst into a clamour of rushed conversation behind us.

Their class teacher waiting outside nodded sympathetically at us. Yes, she understood, she said. It was always like pulling teeth. They just refused to participate in class too.

“Why do you think?”
“They’re just like that.”
“Could they be shy?”
“I mean… yeah, they speak a slightly ridiculous dialect, so they might be afraid of exposing themselves.”

So my colleague and I walked back in with an unspoken agreement and brought up the fact of language straight up. Pink-eared with earnestness we tried signalling the warm and expansive generosity of our natures, our immoderate love for linguistic diversity.

“Speak just as you do at home! We’re so interested!”, but they only giggled relentlessly. Some embarrassed, some contemptuous.

Walking up to my notebook on the teacher’s desk, I shut it with a sense of finality and the taste of defeat in my mouth.

“Okay…so I guess you should go for a snacks break now then…hope it’s good food, since we made you late for it.”

They filed out, and the boys jostled in with their thumbs hooked into schoolbag-straps, full of queries, excited to participate. In the now-empty side of the classroom my eyes fell on the desks with neat unbroken rows of carefully folded textbook-laden polythene bags.

Sitting on straw mats laid out under a tree, I was scrunch-faced attempting to decipher the thick accented complaints against neighbours/ dowry seeking grooms/ the government.

Behind each child/ student there is a story.

If only we the educationists are more sensitive & empathetic we can change the lives of all who desperately need our years.

We tend to get lost in our own world. We should gain strength from those who have seen bad days & help them through our profession / work

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Mr. Benjamin M Rana

School Name :

Vidyut Board Vidyalaya, Vidyut Nagar Colony, OP Road,Vadodara

Inculcating Moral Values during School Life ( Story) :

I truly believe learning is incomplete with a positive character , for this i implement basic moral values that would lead students to practice these values as a responsible citizens of our country.
I keep on awarding students who maintain discipline and honesty towards daily routine ,this helps to set example for rest of the other students.

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Bhatt Dhaval M.

School Name :

Uma Vidhyalaya


During the education period of 2012-13 on the day of 26th January, we decided to celebrate “Republic Day” with happiness and joy and showing the love towards the country with different way.we thought one unique idea that how students will helps to the society. The unique thought is applied one week ago and with the help of my colleagues, the one “spirit of service” institute in which approx 100 children stay and we decided to celebrate day with them.
For this children all the school students and teachers bring there clothes and toys which they did not used and collection of this stuffs are in more quantity and all this stuff we handover to Shree Mohanbhai Panchal the guardian of this institute.
And also we spent whole day 10:00am to 4:00pm with children.we played different types of games with them and also talked related to their education, then after all teachers gave money by their willing and the collection of rs.7501 cash for children welfare and gave it to the guardian.
So, this way all the students of school included in this society work and tried to change their mentality.

Benefits & Impact:

Student nurture their social thinking and being self dependent.

Students got attached with poor children and they started to work for them.