Why Bank Management?

The technology and globalization have changed the banking structure and its operations in many fold in the recent past. The professionals who are going to be employed in the Banking Sector need to have the new way of handling banking operations.

There will be growing demand for qualified manpower for the banking and finance sector in the coming years on account of expansion of volume of business and large scale retirement of personnel banking and financial industry will require professionally qualified manpower endowed with banking and finance knowledge and skills together with technology familiarity , consumer orientation and hands on application skills who can be assigned to various desk/jobs with minimal training interventions at the bank level.

In view of the huge current as well as potential demand for the professionally qualified manpower for the banking and finance sector, and to ensure a steady stream of industry-ready and professionals at the entry level, ITM Vocational University, Gujarat , Baroda has designed the program namely Bachelor of Bank Management.

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