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What's B.Optometry like at ITM Vocational University?

An optometrist is a primary health care provider who has received formal education and clinical training in optometry. He/She must examine the eyes and visual system, identify the visual condition, then prescribe and administer proper treatment.

Optometrists are often the first to notice abnormalities in the eye caused by diseases like diabetes and arteriosclerosis, allowing for early diagnosis and treatment. Ophthalmologists and optometrists now collaborate. Students in B.Sc. Optometry can specialize in contact lenses, vision therapy, and orthotics, as well as learning difficulties, pediatrics, and occupational vision. The demand for optometrists is rising in India. In this competitive world, it's important to choose a university that offers you the best course and overall unique space.

ITM Vocational University of Vadodara offers a Bachelor of Optometry. It is a full-time 4 years course comprising 3 academic years of study (6 semesters) and 1 year of clinical experience/internship.
One who has completed a 12th or diploma with physics, chemistry, biology, or mathematics can pursue B.Sc.Optometry.

The training for B.Sc.Optometry at ITMVU lasts four years. The last year is dedicated to a full-time internship at a reputable hospital or eye institute. After successful completion of four years of course and training, one obtains a licence to operate for four years.

But why pursue a B.Sc Optometry?

Graduates of the B.Sc.Optometry program have a wide range of professional options. They can work in a range of settings, including primary care, corporate, government, and even research and academia.

ITMVU reflects high values and offers amazing opportunities on campus.

ITMVU has a Membership in the World Council of Optometry (WCO)

WCO is a proud member of ITMVU's Department of Optometry. The Optometry department is in collaboration with the World Council of Optometry. It intends to contribute to the global advancement of optometry. The students here are raised in such a way that their abilities as optometrists meet international norms. The Optometry department contributes to WCO's vision by meeting the public's eye care needs and ensuring that everyone has access to high-quality eye care. This is accomplished through the department's regular eye check-up camps. In these camps, students are exposed to working as a practitioner under the supervision of academic members.

A unique way of delivering knowledge

At ITMVU, the teaching for B.Sc Optometry is provided through

  • a fine combination of classroom instruction
  • Various industrial visits
  • Seminars, conferences, expert presentations from different institutes and organizations
  • By hands-on service conducting eye camps.

Students' overall growth at ITMVU is prioritized in both theoretical and practical approaches, ensuring that they graduate as competent professionals. Students gain experience during their internship in their last year of B.Sc Optometry. This allows them to efficiently manage patients and other activities once they begin working independently after graduation.

These are key features of the Bachelor of Optometry degree at ITMVU

  • To give a practical sense and complete understanding of how to examine, diagnose, treat, and manage diseases, injuries, and abnormalities of the visual system.
  • To provide adequate light for fitting, evaluating, prescribing, and dispensing spectacles and contact lenses.
  • To increase awareness in the field of patient care.
  • To give people the chance to develop more independence in their vision care.
  • To educate people about how eye banks work.
  • to collaborate with ophthalmologists and other healthcare providers
  • To introduce students to the field of visual science research.
  • Students have the ability to engage with patients and conduct eye exams on them. As a result, when our students enter the real world of optometry, they are confident
  • Lectures are delivered by top personalities, eye specialists and doctors to motivate a provide the right guidance.

ITMVU Optometry Lab's amazing Infrastructure

ITMVU has all the latest lab equipment to get their hands on

  • The institute has an eye clinic at ITMVU. Multiple basic vision tests such as visual acuity, refraction, slit lamp exam, glaucoma test, IOP test, fundus test, color vision test, RAF ruler test, pinhole test, worth dot test, and duo-chrome test are performed.
  • They also have Phoropter manuals, Tonometer Schioetz manuals, Contact lenses kits, Bausch Lomb keratometer manuals, Auto Refractometer, Ophthalmic Chair Unit, Two-Step Slit Lamp, Streak Retinoscope, Direct Ophthalmoscope, Lensometer manual, LED Vision Chart, (RAF) Ruler, Trial Set Lenses, and Snellen chart.

Placements offered by ITM Vocational University

The Institute has had a 100% Placement record for over 10 years now. Students are placed with top hospitals, labs, and eyewear and eyecare brands. They have top Recruiters: Titan eye+, SRL Diagnostics, Lawrence & Mayo

Packages of pay offered by ITM Vocational University

After completing the B.Sc.Optometry degree, one may be awarded a lucrative package. As an Optometrist in India, you can make up to 4-5 lakhs per year as a rookie.
ITMVU offers an annual package of 5LPA and 3.5L as an average pay.

According to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, students who complete an optometry degree in less than four years are classified as ophthalmic assistants rather than OPTOMETRISTS. Unlike optometrists, who can practice independently, an ophthalmic assistant can only practice under the supervision of an ophthalmologist. So, it's very clear that you need to get a Bachelor of Optometry to follow an optometrist path.

As vision-related problems, such as refractory conditions like myopia, become more prevalent in India, the scope of optometry as a profession is expanding. Myopia is becoming more common in India, both among children and adults. According to statistics, one out of every six children aged 5 to 15 suffers from myopia. To successfully counter and deal with this, India will require more skilled ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians.

Optometrists are especially in high demand, and this trend is projected to continue. We strongly encourage you to pursue Optometry as a career path and to excel in this field. As mentioned above, ITM Vocational University at Vadodara, with B.Sc Optometry, offers you an exceptional opportunity to flourish in a career in Optometry. With the right skills and talents, along with the right mentorship, you can imagine a settled career as an optometrist.

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