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  Admission Open For 2024-25

Engineering – “Begin your Engineering journey today”

Consider some things you use in your everyday life: Buildings, roads and bridges, vehicles (cars, planes and boats), computers and other electronic devices. Not a single one of them would exist without engineers!

Engineering is the practical application of science and math to solve problems, and it is everywhere in the world around you. Engineers are problem-solvers who want to make things work more efficiently and quickly and less expensively. From computer chips and satellites to medical devices and renewable energy technologies, engineering makes our modern life possible.

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Highlights of the B.Tech

Project Based Learning from 1st Semester.
SIEMENS Lab Advantage
Communication Skills Training
Career Management Training.

Why Engineering?

The following are the reasons why you should do Engineering, at ITM - Vocational University, Vadodara. Engineers use their imagination and analytical skills to invent, design, and build things that matter. They are team players with independent minds who ask, “How can we develop a better recycling system to protect the environment, design a school that can withstand an earthquake, or create cutting-edge special effects for the movies?” By dreaming up creative and practical solutions, engineers are changing the world all the time.

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Job Satisfaction

It is extremely important to find a life’s work that is satisfying, work that you want to do. Engineering could very well be that life’s work.

Varied Opportunities

Engineering is a field that touches almost every aspect of a person’s life. The day you walk up the aisle to receive your degree in Engineering, you have closed no doors. There is nothing you cannot become from that time forward!

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Social Impact

Just about everything engineers do benefits society in some way. Engineers develop transportation systems that help people and products move about so easily. Engineers design the buildings we live and work in. Engineers devise the systems that deliver our water and electricity, design the machinery that produces our food, and develop the medical equipment that keeps us healthy. Almost everything we use was made possible by engineers.

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ITM Vocational University offers Four Year Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) Degree programs in four branches which are:

B.Tech Civil Engineering
B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering
B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering
B.Tech Mechatronics Engineering

he first year is common to all branches. Our Board of Governors which comprises of senior Executives from companies like SIEMENS, L & T, Etc. may advice changes in nomenclature or focus o any branch as per Industry requirements. The different branches many be re-designated to reflect Industry usage and acceptance at anytime. More branches may be opened and students have an option to select the branch of their choice before start of Second year.

Note on AICTE:

ITM Vocational University, Vadodara , Gujarat is a duly charted Private University and as per supreme court orders, is not subject to “Approval” by AICTE. ITM Vocational University, Gujarat maintains norms and standards well above those prescribed by AICTE.

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Admission Process and Eligibility

Admission Process

Step 2

Do succesfull registration you will get Unique registration Number

Step 3

Attached required document

Step 4

Pay online application fee 1000/-
The same can be paid by the Cheque/DD drawn in favor of ITM Vocational University payable at Vadodara.

Step 5

Print application form for future reference

Eligibility And Duration

Program Durations :

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) : 4 Years


After 12th PCM / HSC

Campus Life

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