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WOW, moments in Hotel Industry

The hotel industry is always companied with WOW moments. It is important to know how to create some of the wow moments in the hotel industry. The hotel industry has a wide scope for a person as it has a wide range. Vadodara can be the best place to learn about the hotel industry as it has a unique cultural environment that gives a different tint to learning about the hotel industry.

WOW moments are created when a guest feels “wowed” by providing an outstanding guest experience. Making a special effort to make the guest happy when they least expect it creates a unique moment. WOW moments are remembered and cherished by the guest and work like glue, which keeps the guest loyal to your brand and holds them from going to any other hotel worldwide.

Honestly, no one remembers standard, mediocre service. In the hotel industry, you should always use your creativity and be active with the trend which will help you in impressing your guests and become your loyal guests. The guest will be inspired to promote your hotel only when you create WOW moments. You turn them into loyal guests who now have an emotional connection to your company. These will ultimately lead them to become your advocates. They promote you free of cost, and we already know how effective word-of-mouth marketing is. People have trust in those having before experience in sharing. Super happy customers with your service and armed with a WOW story to tell will excitedly recommend you to their friends and family. Thus, creating wow moments is a valuable source of building client trust and driving active referrals.

Guests always want to have WOW moments and feel special when they visit you. It is essential to know how to create WOW moments when you are in the hotel industry. You should always encourage your team to create WOW moments for their guest and impress them. One needs to be proactive, which means acting fast! The moment you identify a WOW opportunity, the magic happens in the speed of the guest mentioning that he needs certain marmalade or fruit; immediately arrange for the guest. Treat and respect your guests as a person. Identify what is unique about each guest you interact with and draw attention. Small acts that are similar to this show that you pay attention to them, which will make your customers feel valued. You can also go as far as treating your guests like a friend or family members. Let's take an example:- What will you do if you see your grandmother walking to her car in the rain and had no umbrella? Hurry over to give her an umbrella or Offer her a lift? If a friend of yours is nervous about a dental appointment, you will distract him/her with some kind of jokes or stories which will put them at ease and make them comfortable. These displays of compassion will go a long way with your guests for the very fact that you are a stranger treating them like a friend. It’s unexpected and a WOW.

WOW moments in the hotel industry are not limited to your guest only, the more you keep your team members Wowed more they keep your Guest Wowed. If you want the guest to have something personal and unexpected? Since you have the right Staff to do so, give them the freedom to create WOW moments on their own. If they are well in the department budgets, your team will be best placed to create an impact as they ultimately interact with guests the most often. Let your team member be flexible to be creative and arrange weekly meetings where they can brainstorm ideas and inspire one another.

Who does not like surprises? Everyone likes it. So, keep surprising your guest and keep creating WOW moments. These moments make the customer feel special, and they help you and your organization stand out from the crowd.
When added to a consistent and well-delivered customer experience, these moments can help turn a good customer experience into a great one. So, never forget that there are 5-Second WOWs all around you if you only take the time to look for them. You can join ITM to learn hotel industry which will give you the best education, information, and experience in the hotel industry. It is the best option to learn about creating WOW moments which you can learn from the institute of hotel industry in Vadodara.

Mr. Sanju Murlidharan

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