Blogs Importance of Learning High-rise Building in the Field of Civil Engineering

Importance of Learning High-rise Building in the Field of Civil Engineering

Importance of Learning High-rise Building in the Field of Civil Engineering

Technically, from a real estate perspective, any building above 75 feet is a high-rise. We are living in an era where high-rise buildings are directly related with luxury and stature. Also, a home in a high-rise building comes at an economical price than an independent house, along with lower maintenance charges than of a villa or independent floor.

The High-rise building also gives you the experience of living very close to the sky with clear air than on the lower floors. Hi-rise developments give a number of advantages, such as more natural light, ventilation and fresh air, less noise, less congestion, safety & security, the experience of exclusive living etc.

Growing of High-rise buildings is a necessity for the process of population growth and its concentration in cities, as well as for the high demand for areas in city centres. It can be observed the dynamic development of High-rise construction in terms of quantity and quality.

Due to the high height, the layout, design and technical equipment of high-rise buildings are different from buildings with lower floors. The design of each high-rise building is unique because it solves the specific problems that arise during high-rise construction, such as the strong influence of environmental factors (wind, noise, air temperature drops), providing fire protection and safe evacuation of people in an emergency, difficulties in the design of ventilation systems, heat supply and heating, a large concentration of cable equipment and pipelines stretched in mines to a huge height, the need for continuous monitoring of the main load-bearing structures of the building and base soils, etc. Architectural and planning decisions of internal premises should take into account the psychological aspects associated with a person staying at a height. High-rise building have their own specifics, which are significantly different from traditional buildings. These features should be considered when choosing materials and structural solutions of high-rise buildings, as well as in the design of load-bearing structures and foundations.

High-rise buildings pose particular design challenges for civil engineers, particularly if situated in a seismic region or if the underlying soils have geotechnical risk factors. They also pose serious challenges to firefighters during emergencies in high-rise structures.

A high-rise building must be capable of withstanding the heavy force of lateral wind and earthquakes. A high-rise and constraints are needed to design them. The program equips those seeking a career in civil engineering with the knowledge and abilities necessary to plan construction sites.

By: Ms. Disha Kumari Lad, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering Department

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