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Highest Paying jobs of the coming decade: Careers After 12th Edition

For most students, mixed feelings have arisen. Why? Because 12th board exams have culminated and now they will start a new phase in their lives.

So, when it comes to choosing different careers after 12th, there are various courses one can opt for. Though there is a wide range of options, choosing the right, suitable and genuine option allows us to deal with the fast-paced environment. Be it any stream, choosing relevant courses and job is a difficult task.

Time and technological advancements have created different opportunities for working professionals. Getting high paying jobs is not easy, learning technology and updating is the key.

Here are a few careers after 12th that one can enroll in to get high paying jobs.

1. Operations Research Analysts

In a world where everything is not perfect, some operation research analysts help to access operations and solve logistical problems. Operations Research Analysts need to combine critical thinking, analytical, communication, problem-solving skills, mathematical skills, and a few other skills to ensure everything goes in the sink. The professionals need to gather and analyze data, create predictive models, run simulations, and reports, create memos, advise managers, and utilize databases. Usually, to pursue a job as an Operational Research analyst, one needs to acquire a bachelor’s degree. Some employers prefer a Master's degree to hire professionals for these positions.

2. Information Security Analysts

Data, technology, and other advancement has made everyone rely on information systems. Students who wish to be Information Security Analysts need to ensure they know the hardware, information system, and software. Also, they are supposed to have current knowledge regarding the threats caused to data security and be aware of the protective measures. Having technical knowledge and developing analytical and problem-solving skills is a must.

Students who are looking for careers after 12th and want to become Information Security Analysts can choose to get admitted to Computer Science. They can get a secured admission to ITM Vocational University - one of the best engineering colleges in Gujarat to acquire the degree and grab opportunities. One can easily acquire a job in tech companies, insurance companies, financial institutions, computer systems services, assurance agencies, and private information secure.

3. Nurse Practioner

Nurse practitioners are among the high paying jobs that one can opt for. Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) provide advanced nursing services to a variety of patients. Though the course is not equivalent to a doctorate, they have enough knowledge that allows them to get categorized under specialty care providers. There are tons of duties performed by them including physical exams, analyzing the tests, creating care plans, consulting doctors and medical professionals, and prescribing and administrating medications. This is one of the best careers after 12th if you like to know more about the human body and want to extend help to needy people.

To acquire a nursing license one needs to get registered with State Board, and have passed a national certification exam and relevant degrees. One can find jobs in a variety of settings such as private clinics. Hospitals, private clients, and residential care facilities. This science course after 12th helps to grab many opportunities.

4. Restaurant cooks

Of course, moms are the best cook, but in restaurants, chefs are real heroes. We go to the restaurants and enjoy our food, but we are unaware of the half dozen cooks who work continuously to bring delicious food and ensure customer satisfaction. Cooks usually work under the direction of the head chef who curates the recipes and menus for cooks to follow. The cooks are responsible for preparing the ingredients, measuring, mixing, frying, grilling, and other necessary tasks that deliver customers the right food. Also, one of the core areas they need to work on is cleanliness and maintenance of equipment as well as the kitchen.

One can choose to enrol in Hotel Management courses at ITM. The courses are curated well and assist the students throughout to provide a real-life experience.

While most people do not attend culinary school, obtaining a food handlers permit might help them. This is a great career after the 12th.

5. Home Health and Personal care aides

Home health and personal care aides provide personalized assistance to individuals when they need some extra help. Home health aides are usually hired to help senior people. Home health aides serve any person who needs personal assistance at home having health-related issues, disability, or chronic illness. The job seems easy but usually, students from science courses after 12th opt for such courses. The courses help to develop the right knowledge and skills that are required during their jobs. They are needed to have the right knowledge of basic health and care concepts but don’t need extensive medical knowledge. Though this is ,high paying job, the leaves and other issues need to be managed well.

6. Telecommunication engineering

ITM is among one the best engineering colleges in Gujarat that helps to train the students with the needed education to fill the gaps. The use of telecommunication helps to exchange information via different channels. The engineers are the ones helping to improvise telecommunication. There are different science courses after 12th introduced for the future and it incorporates different elements of Computer, Electrical, and other systems. The telecom engineers are needed to have skills related to designing, developing, and maintaining a voice communication system that comprises satellites, wired, fiber optics, and unwired channels. Also, they are needed to have skills related to encoding compression of data. Telecom Engineers in Computer Communications, networking, TV and radio broadcasting, Mobile Communications, Remote session, and measurement control are the best careers after 12th to pursue.


The careers after 12th are difficult to decide, one simply to ensure they do have the right and relevant information. ITM Vocational University, Vadodara helps students to build a successful future with their coaching and ultimate guidance.

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