It could be a dilemmatic phase of life once the boards get over and the next question of life haunts everyone, what next? However, everyone gets directed gradually, and once the journey kick-starts there is no looking back for some! And for the happy-go-lucky, they choose something that they are possibly doubtful about. In most cases, they end up taking up Hospitality industry or culinary art because it’s just dealing with food and people! This decision can be treachery to oneself but can turn fruitful with proper dedication and a good choice of institutes which is the pioneer in producing good hospitality professionals.

As far as Indian teens and their families are concerned, the way they see the hospitality industry and culinary industry is bizarre. It is ironic to notice the fact of being in a country that goes with the saying “Atithi Devo Bhava.” Nevertheless, this is not the only side; there are several culinary art gems that we have produced, a varied array of our diverse foods adds to the glamour of this culinary industry worldwide, the tastes that linger in our mouths, and the love of us Indians is something that the world needs to cherish! But before all the sugar, is the youth aware of the pros and cons of the culinary art field, are they ready to give themselves a chance to step into something which is not engineering or medical!

No doubt, passionate students will find their way overboard. There will be a struggle, a common symptom if success is what you want to get infected with! The culinary art requires dedication, time management, and above all, love for making food, not just eating! Several Culinary art colleges all over India provide a degree, diploma, and PG program in this exciting Profession. By exciting, it means exciting, just like the spices in hot oil! There are culinary art colleges abroad as well which are equally good or better. You can find a culinary art college in Vadodara and many parrots of India with all amenities and with the best teaching staff, which will help you a lot. Although, knowing what the culinary art field exactly teaches should be a prior concern if one is interested, to know where you will be placed shortly and as what (most important!). It encompasses many professional titles, such as sous chef, prep cook, pastry chef, head chef, executive chef, etc. All of them need to handle food preparation, baking, seasoning, roasting, etc.; standards maintaining, adding your uniqueness, and ultimately pursuing a passion for the aroma. Culinary art also includes management of menus, creative ideas, guest satisfaction, originality, staff empowerment, improvement, motivation, and above all, leadership with the responsibility that is capable enough to lead a brand.

Nowadays, culinary art can reach the hospital canteens, which provide healthy nutrition regulated meals. Such kinds of meals are planned according to the dietary requirements of the guest and so an experienced chef might know very well to handle the taste and health balance. There comes a great mix of the culinary industry and hospitality industry. Culinary art colleges in Vadodara help experience this great mix and experience both the industry.

Opportunities are vast and varied in different places, may it be abroad or inside the country itself. A chef can always explore the culinary industry, as culinary art is a creative field and updating is a mandatory process. Hence, one needs to be flexible enough to make several jumps before you find a place that suits your stability and urges to work.

Entrepreneurship in the culinary industry can also be brought up and through precise strategic management, the business can work. Culinary art doesn’t only teach you to make the food but also to market it! The culinary art has vast spreads of topics that come under it, beginning from the basic mother sauces to the molecular gastronomy. To understand and devote yourself to something that will yield you not only satisfaction but also, the will to go on is the culinary art and hospitality industry. This field will yield a better you, much more satisfactory than the monetary part which is undoubtedly fair enough!

As Culinary industry is one of the industries which has an array of job opportunities that will enhance the growth of an individual in terms of knowledge and skills. An individual has an opportunity to start his or her career in the culinary department such as working in hotels/Cruises as a chef, working with Celebrity chefs, being a Food Critic, Food photographer, Food Blogger, Food Researcher, Food Media, Entrepreneur, Private Chef, Consultant, and many others.

The culinary industry may sound like an interesting path for all hospitality industry aspirants, but it needs a lot of training and a great deal of professional experience to become a great Chef. There are culinary art colleges in Vadodara and many aspirants learn about culinary arts there and further pursue their dreams in the culinary industry. Vadodara is becoming the next best place to learn about culinary art as they are having best culinary art colleges in Vadodara. In addition to it, interpersonal skills & leadership skills are also some of the key qualities that one requires to be a successful chef to sustain in this glamourous world of the Culinary industry and Hospitality industry. Looking forward to a career in the culinary industry is an excellent idea and will help you in many different ways.

-Mr. Sanju Murlidharan

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