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Entrepreneurship Education Vs Entrepreneurship

According to John Dearborn.
“While entrepreneurship education classes are designed to give budding entrepreneurs the tools to turn a new idea into reality, their value may be even greater than that: I think it gives all students the ability to view their careers and opportunities in a different light. It’s so important that the benefits of an entrepreneurial focused education are available to all students and not just those planning on entering the start-up world.”
We all think and believe that Entrepreneurship Education will definitely make everyone as a successful entrepreneur.
At the same time, if we look into our past, we find that there were many entrepreneurs with no entrepreneurship education and even not with formal education.
Even in today’s context, there are so many successful entrepreneurs who are dropouts from schools and colleges. And some started enterprises after doing jobs for a long time in a similar field.
Does it mean entrepreneurship education is of no use?
Not at all then, what?
Entrepreneurship education will give clear idea and the exact resources that are required for Entrepreneurship. A successful entrepreneur always has the best entrepreneurship education which helps him in best decision making and moving upwards always.
Further, in today’s time, becoming an entrepreneur is a challenge, because it is surrounded by the internal and external environments of entrepreneurship.
Entrepreneurship education can help budding entrepreneurs to grow and learn different market trends and act according to it and make important decisions and become successful entrepreneurs in the future.
As a learner, we should understand that the natural caliber within a person will make him a successful entrepreneur. One can gain entrepreneurship education to become a successful entrepreneur from abroad but you can also find entrepreneurship education in Vadodara and the rest parts of India.
There are many budding and successful entrepreneurs from Gujarat as the people have a good entrepreneurship education in Vadodara, Gujarat.
We can say in short that, as per the time it is necessary to be adaptive to become a successful entrepreneur that will lead to successful entrepreneurship.
Entrepreneurship education will certainly make a learner clearer about his/her business vision, mission and objective and also about his/her strengths and weaknesses.

By Dr. Girish Painoli
Professor and Head-FMEC, ITMVU, Vadodara, Gujarat.

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