Do you have an eye for detail?

If YES, then certainly, you can be one of the most desirable candidates for making a remarkable and outstanding career as housekeeping professional.
With the growing demand in the Hospitality industry, one can be an asset as a housekeeper for the organization they are working in. Housekeeping is like the body, mind, and soul of the hotel. Housekeeping is one of the important aspects for the hotel to be successful.

In the new post-Covid era, the upkeeping and aesthetic maintenance of the hotel has become an even bigger priority for the hotel. As we all are aware that sanitizing and social distancing has become the important measure against the virus in our daily life and inculcating it in the hospitality industry has been the top priority of the housekeeping professional.
As the demand is increasing for the hospitality industry, many colleges are offering studies related to hospitality. ITM Vocational University is one university which will offer you with best guidance and knowledge for this profession.

What do we mean by housekeeping or housekeeper?
They are the one who is responsible for the upkeeping, maintaining and upgrading of the ambience and aesthetic standards of the hotel. You need to be a Hospitality graduate with good knowledge about the cleaning agents, equipment, and the SOP of the Hospitality sector.

And what about the key to success for a good housekeeping professional?
The most important one as mentioned earlier i.e
- EYE for detail which means a person has a sharp eye to detect things that are not quite right - good interpersonal communication - a creative mind - good team member and - the zeal to do the best.

What Makes a Great Housekeeper?
Guest satisfaction is main in housekeeping. In the hospitality industry, time is of the essence, so to be successful, It is always important that you must be able to perform all the tasks quickly and effectively. Being quick and timely leads a great guest satisfaction and experience.

Career Growth in Housekeeping?
This profession is one of the fastest-growing departments and has a plethora of opportunities to choose from. When you join an organization one can start as a GRA (Guest Room Associate) and can promote oneself to the designation of Executive Housekeeper or even be a Director of Housekeeping department within due course of time.

Who are the top recruiters for housekeeping professionals?
Housekeepers are always welcome to join any Hotels, Cruise liners, Facility companies, Aviation sector, Hospitals, Corporates, Restaurants, Academics, Malls, etc.

Do you want to become a successful housekeeper?
Then you can choose ITM Vocational University Vadodara, to embark on your career and take it to the top level with the high-class infrastructure and the most efficient faculty. It is the best option to make the right decision for your career growth. It also provides 100 % Placement Assistance (international as well as domestic).

Purvi Mahida
Asst. Professor
ITM Vocational University,

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