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Career as a Boulanger / Baker

Boulanger means a person who has the skill and art of making bread, or it may be called a qualified baker or master of bread. A great career in the field of hospitality where your guest can savour your artistic creation. An aspirant can enrol in several programs like 3 or 6 months basic diploma, 12 months intermediate diploma, and 18 months advance diploma, which will help the aspirant to shape their career in the field of the boulangerie. There is also a course called Diploma in Patisserie and Confectionery which can help to make a career as a boulanger / baker. ITM Vocational University Vadodara can help you with the courses to make a career as baker.

After completion of the Boulanger course or Diploma in Patisserie and Confectionery in which the person has enrolled, they can start their own venture in which they can showcase their skills and creativity to the target client, or you can supply your creative products to the fine dining restaurant; you can also work as a bread baker or head baker in hotels and restaurant in which you can show your creativity with sourdough bread and country style traditional bread with different styles and methods you can form sweet and savoury bread. Especially in artisan bakeries, many recruitment opportunities exist in the industry. Also, this is seen in the case of industrial bakeries that are presently recruiting ever-increasing numbers of Boulanger Chefs to manage production and product quality. A baker who has gained enough experience can also set up their own business by opening a bakery. Other, more unconventional opportunities include an instructor, test baker (testing flours in a mill, for example), miller, ingredient producer, etc. The person who has the experience and knowledge with qualifications can enter the academics and can teach future Boulanger from their expertise and experience.

There is a huge history of bread which started thousands of years ago; very basic, and few ingredients were used to make the bread, like organic flour, salt, and water. The best part is no commercial yeast is used for making the bread; only natural yeast, also known as a sourdough starter, is used to make the bread. Consumption of natural yeast is very healthy as it is probiotic and has many more properties that are beneficial for your gut health. Let’s discuss some traditional bread by a baker.

Khamiri roti comes from the Urdu word “khamir", which means yeast. Kamiri literally means a bread that is yeast-leavened and is made with a lot of skill to get the perfect texture, and the aroma that comes once baked satiates my palate, a bread with just a few ingredients, no fancy equipment, no artificial ingredients and amazing outcome which we enjoy with our nihari and meat curry.

There is one more bread known as baguette; it is a French word which comes from the word baton, which is a slender stick used when conducting an orchestra or choir, which is now a symbol of France and its cuisine as there is rule the bread has to be simple with four basic ingredients flour, water, salt, yeast which give perfect crust and crumb with amazing aroma once baked.

Sourdough starter is a natural yeast prepared by using flour and water as this involves science in the process in which flour is hydrated with H2O. At the same time, hydration starts the sugar in the flour concentrates and starts to ripen the whole mixture, which creates fermentation, and the base for the starter is prepared at this time; the starter is young and has lot many notes and flavour at the initial stage it smells very sharp like mustard and some sort of chemical, but as the baker continues the process of hydration or also known as feeding the starter continues for 14 days to build a good starter. Once the starter is built, it starts to give gentle light sour notes, which is an indication that the starter is ready, as you can keep the starter live forever, the starter needs to be fed on a regular basis the way human wants food to survive and to take the waste out, same with starter wants feeding as food and waste to be provided and removed while feeding, your starter will stay with you for years if just kept your starter on accurate temperature.

I am sure that everyone loves bread, whether it is fermented or non-fermented, glutenous - non – glutenous flat or puffed, but the skills are the part as Boulanger you look for, you can join ITM Vocational University Vadodara for pursuing the course and making career, getting the best education, experience, and accurate knowledge with hands-on practical learning with highly qualified experienced Boulanger with hands-on training with classics brands and five-star hotels across the globe. ITM also has a Diploma in Patisserie and Confectionery which you can apply to make your career.

Making a career as a Boulanger is the best idea if you love to make different types of breads and show your creativeness and become a successful baker .

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