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6 Reasons to Study Bachelor of Optometry

What is optometry? Imagine a life without eyesight. If you can read this blog then you are fortunate to have a healthy-functioning eyesight, or so is our guess. But it may not be the case with every-one. Eyesight issues is one of the most common ailment that most people experience. Issues related to eyesight cause headaches, migraine, blurriness in the vision and so much more. In most cases, people end up losing their eyesight due to delayed detection or improper diagnosis. In most cases the lack of awareness around eye sight issues adds to the existing issues. A degree in Bachelor of Optometry can help you solve this! How?

Bachelor of Optometry is the study of examining the eyesight, signs of injury or trauma, any eye disease, such as Cataracts, Diabetic retinopathy, Glaucoma, detecting eye abnormalities & if any defects are identified then prescribing the right and most appropriate treatment. Optometrists have a tremendous role as they treat visual impairment & prevention of avoidable blindness. They may prescribe corrective lenses. With a Bachelor of Optometry degree you can make a powerful impact everyday & help people see a better life. And if you are considering going down the path of pursuing a career in Bachelor of Optometry than this article will help you evalue the reasons. But before that let’s understand the coursework.

Bachelor In Optometry Course A Bachelor of Optometry is a four year degree programme offered my many institutes across India. The degree of optometry is awarded as B.Sc Optometry or B.Optom (Bachelor of Optemetry). The best thing about this path is that you need not the NEET exam to qualify for a Bachelor of Optometry course. The curriculum includes knowledge related to the eye & its connected organs, and the treatment and management of the eye disease. Bachelor of Optometry will include treatment of eye problems and vision improving devices.

Here is the list of some top Colleges for Bachelors in Optometry

  • ITM University, Raipur
  • AIIMS, Delhi
  • IIMT University, Meerut
  • Singhania University, Jhunjunu
  • SRM Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, Chennai
  • Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University, Jaipur
  • Elite School of Optometry, Chennai
  • NIMS University, Jaipur

Why should you study Optometry? Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider pursuing a Bachelor of Optometry course.

You are looking to do something challenging: Eye no doubt the most critical body part and diagnosing and treating issues related to the eye is no easy feat to achieve….After completingyour Bachelor of Optometry, you can choose different sectors based on your interest & skills like Hospitals, Lens & instruments companies, Opticals, Research, Academics & Speciality clinics. Each of these roles are very specifc and have their own set of challenges that will keep you on toes!

You are passionate about helping people see the world: Optometrists are those who understand the important link between the condition of our eyes and our overall health and wellbeing. They provide expert advice on eye care which is unique to each patient. Bachelor of Optometry careers are highly challenging however it's rewarding. Every day you have a great chance to bring a change in people’s life & make a difference. It helps you make a positive impact & make a real impact in people’s lives. You get to interact with people of all ages this will help you with developing communication skills, interpersonal skills & much more.

You want to be a specialist and not a general physician: Bachelor of Optometry is a specialization in the diagnosis and treatment of eye. While a general physician can address multiple ailments but a Optometrists are of focus is very specific. This will help to provide in-depth care as well as treatment required to the patients. As a Bachelor of Optometry you will be able to perform more comprehensive health screening as they you will be well equipped in your field of medical speciality. Also specialists can immediately identify the diagnoses & suggest treatment accordingly.

You are looking to skip the tiring entrance exams: As mentioned before admissions in Bachelor of Optometry do not require a NEET exams. With this you can attune your focus towards preparing for the specific field you wish to specialize into.

You like studying multiple disciplines: A Bachelor of Optometry course touches upon various disciplines. Since you would be dealing with a very sensitive organ which is prone to injury, micorbial infection, physical ailments and the treatment too touches upon wide options such as visual aids and surgery the will include an in-depth study of various disciplines. This course will include Optics, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Computer Application, Microbiology, Eye Assessments, specialities under optometry, clinical training & much more.

You are up for a dynamic career: Once Bachelor of Optometry is completed you have various career opportunities. One can open their own clinic or optical shop which will help in good life-work balance, increased independence, higher earning potential & personal growth. You can also focus on contact lenses, vision rehabilitation. It's possible you may combine roles & responsibilities which will help you learn & help you grow.

Considering how widespread the issue of eye ailments are A Bachelor of Optometry degree is bound to land multiple job opportunities across the courty. It gives flexible schedules hence one can easily maintain work and life balance which will help you gain job satisfaction. Safe work environment and competitive salary. The scope in India & abroad is unlimited.

An optometrist can do jobs in various companies like Bausch lomb, Titan Eye Plus, Lenskart etc which may provide a high salary package. You can also choose to open your own clinic or an optical shop.

While you can take up a job in a hospital or work for someone or you can set up your own practice with a Bachelor of Optometry degree. This will be a learning process & it will also help you grow. Few things to keep in mind would be market analysis, right location, hire & train staff, accounting firm, providing quality service, emphasis on personalisation through each patient & communicate well. Create awareness & promote quality content across social media. And if all this excites you than you should consider a Bachelor of Optometry degree.

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